Starting out my new blog I had to find a brand that would be as great and as glamorous as the coming Christmas!!!

Hence I did, so I am starting with a company that its name has so much bounce that had me excited before I even tried their products!

In order to keep my followers and viewers happy I will start with a small tale about the company. The place where the company’s headquarters are located-like in most fairytales- is in Switzerland and it is the love child-sort of speaking- of Didier and Sophie Guillon. A couple that has been dedicated for 30 years now in creating one of the most prestigious skin care lines in the world!

Of course I am talking about Valmont skincare products!

I also had the pleasure of receiving a gift of a beauty day at the spa of Grande Bretagne with the whole range of the Valmont line that was kindly offered to me by Mrs. Anne Speque, manager of the spa.


The Face Renewing Flash treatment was applied to me by the excellent head therapist of Grande Bretagne spa, Mrs. Vaso Prepa that she performed the Butterfly motion-unique and exclusive protocol of Valmont skincare- while using the products on me! That treatment I highly recommend for anyone resident or not of the hotel, that wants a quick pick me up or an old Hollywood glamour school….sort of thing!!!!


Mrs. Vaso Prepa is so good, it felt like heaven in her hands!!

The products I will be reviewing for you were kindly given to me by the Grande Bretagne P.R. director Mrs. Christine Papathanassiou. I should also mention that the products do belong to the pricier side. But I do believe that it is a splurge that is well worth it!

I will start by making a presentation of the products I tried but I will focus at the ones I really loved!DSCN2594.JPG2.jpg

The Hydra 3 Regenetic Cream and Serum both have a very soft feel to the skin. You can feel a mild level of hydration with a soft aroma. The skin has a beautiful sheen and they can be beautifully combined with each other. First the serum and then the cream. I feel that these are mostly for normal or normal to oily skins. But they can easily be worn by women with dry skin that need a deep hydration without the greasy feeling.

The prime B Cellular Serum is a beautiful serum that gives nice hydration to the skin but also I felt it has a lot of anti-aging properties and you feel the tightening of the skin from the first application.1931982_422352931301049_169109614_n.jpg


Clarifying Surge is a beautiful product. Is very soft to the feel when you first apply it to the skin. It supposed to help with discoloration and any kind of scars or acne prone problems. I haven’t been using it for that long and to be honest I do not have these certain problems so I could not really tell but it feels very beautiful on the skin.

L’elixir des glaciers face cream is a very beautiful product. The Glaciers line, from what I’ve been told before using it, by the very helpful Mrs Georgia Koutra of The King George Boutique, has the same ingredients that all the other lines have but 5 times more powerful!!! No wonder it feels SO nice to the skin! Is comforting, rich, luxurious and smells divine!!! I believe women of an older age or just women that have skin with more demands or they live with extreme environmental conditions will love this cream! No need to say more!


Recovering mask is a beautiful hair mask that really feels good to the hair while applying. I have only used it once so I cannot say many things yet. It sure does feel luxurious to my hair but I believe that it is mostly the result of the next product I will say my thoughts about and which makes it to my top tree of all the products I tried!

So now coming to my favorites of the lot!!!

The Regenerating Cleanser a beautiful shampoo that really after just one application I can see difference to my hair!!! The way my hair feels after washing it is like silk!!!! It has volume, shine and amazing smell!!!  I have tried many hair products  BUT this shampoo is by far one of the best I have tried!!!


Firming lifting corrector factor II and Firming lifting corrector eye factor II!!! I loved this duo on my skin so much that I think words fail me to do justice!!! So these two products are directed mostly to women of the age of early 30’s to their early and mid-forties. However that doesn’t mean that women of a younger age cannot use them. If for example you are a frequent flyer-like myself-or your skin is more demanding than the skin of a woman in your age would normally be, then these products are A MUST on your try list!!!! The texture is like silk, cool and soft and the perfume is simply to die for!!!

The way they make your skin feel is simply…. AETHEREAL!!!!


That was my whole and honest opinion about the Valmont products I tried.

In Greece you can find them at Grande Bretagne and King George hotels.

The official site of Valmont is:  

At this point I would like to say a special thanks to the people that helped me and that without their important assistance this review wouldn’t be into existence.


I also want to thank  all of you that you will actually take the time to read my very first blog!

Until next time, sometime soon in 2016 :)!



I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Joyful and Prosperous 2016!!!!!